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Kehewin Public Works

Water and sewer system is provided in the core area of Kehewin, as well as, some central homes. Most other homes in the outlying areas have water delivered on a weekly basis. A few of the existing homes are serviced by a previously implemented Water line. These outlying homes are provided with septic tank and field systems.

Water Supply/Sewage Disposal:

  • water treatment
  • water trucks
  • sewage services
  • solid waste landfill on-reserve


Building Permits

Alberta Permit Pro is a service that we employ in order to provide inspection services throughout the various construction phases of new homes and local government buildings. Quality Assurance is provided by this service to ensure structural integrity, and compliance in accordance to Alberta Safety Codes covering; plumbing, heating, and electrical installations. Alberta Permit Pro has provided this service since 1997.

Public Works
Phone: (780) 826-2264
Fax: (780) 826-4478


Contact Information

BOX 220
Kehewin, Alberta
T0A 1C0

Telephone: (780) 826 - 3333

Facsimile: (780) 826 - 2355


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