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The Kehewin Aboriginal Headstart was created to give potty-trained children aged 3 years of age a better chance to succeed before they begin Kindergarten. Children are now expected to know the basics like colours, counting 1-10, animal names, writing their names, plays skills and more prior to enrollment into Kindergarten.

This program is a stepping stone to K-4 and the Kehewin Community Education Centre.

The Aboriginal Head Start activities support early intervention strategies to address the learning and developmental needs of young children living in the community. The goal is to support early child development strategies that are designed and controlled by communities.

Programming is centered around the following six main components: education; health promotion; culture and language; nutrition; social support; and parental/family involvement.

Children in the Aboriginal Head Start gain opportunities to develop self-confidence, a greater desire for learning, and an excellent start in their journey towards becoming successful people.

Parents, guardians and other family members are the most important teachers in a child's life. The Aboriginal Head Start knows this and provides support.  It helps parents and other caregivers learn and improve skills that contribute to healthy child development.  It also works with families to help strengthen family relationships.

The Aboriginal Head Start encourages parents, families and community members to play an important role in running the Program. The Program also builds relationships with other community programs and services so that children get the best care.


  • Kehew Awasis Daycare is dedicated to serving the community by remaining steadfast to changes in the area of providing child development and services.  To achieve this, our staff is encouraged to be constant apprentices and resourceful providers.
  • The Kehew Awasis Daycare will provide a safe and nurturing environment for the children of the Kehewin community by addressing the development of the Social, Physical, Language, Intellectual, Creative, Cultural and Emotional needs of the children.
  • Play is the integral part of our learning philosophy.  Through play, children learn a variety of skills that most adults think only come from structured learning, such as: math, science, relationships and language.
  • Our mission is to provide a developmentally and culturally appropriate educational program that is packed with literacy and educational activities to stimulate the mind.
  • Staff will be sensitive to the diverse needs, cultural practices, and varying family structures.  Therefore, we are intending to go back to the grassroots level.  As a daycare based on a reserve, we want the children to develop pride in their culture and identity as Aboriginal people.

Contact Information

BOX 220
Kehewin, Alberta
T0A 1C0

Telephone: (780) 826 - 3333

Facsimile: (780) 826 - 2355


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